Salves, Balms & Body Butters

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Customers, please note that due to high demand and distribution shortages we are choosing to focus on our local community at this time and will re open the site for sales when things return to normalcy. Thank you for your understanding.

We have quite a few salves, balms and body butters.  These luxurious products are for everything from everyday use to more specific skin irritations.  Our products are filled with herbs from our gardens, rich with skin nurturing qualities.  We use a base of herbal infused oil for each recipe and add a variety of options to create a unique line of body products with something for everyone!  With Roots Originals salves & butters, you won’t need anything else for soft healthy skin!

Sizes & Price:
               4 oz.    $20
               50 ml    $10


"Even though I've never been a fan of witch doctors, snake oil, or the AMA.  I must admit that I have witnessed the magical powers of Roots Originals Savvy Salve.  For years, after wearing ski socks for a couple of days I had horrible itching ankle and calf problems.  Never again unless you run out."   
                                                                                                              ~  Tom, Palo Alto, California

    baby bum
Baby Bum Balm

Baby Bum Balm
 is specially formulated for the beautiful little one in your life with very soothing, gentle herbs for the newborn skin.  Also great for very sensitive skin, and especially cracked nipples on the nursing mama.  Unscented.

Ingredients:  Calendula, Chamomile & Plantain infused oil & beeswax

chamomile Moroccan Blue Chamomile Body Butter

Moroccan Blue Chamomile Body Butter
is another favorite!  This is a soothing, replenishing body butter blended with skin reparative herbs, coconut oil and cocoa butter.  We add the divine essential oil of Moroccan Blue Chamomile, known to help heal nagging skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Great for cracked hands and heels.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Comfrey, Calendula, Lavender and Plantain infused in Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa butter and essential oil of Moroccan Blue Chamomile & beeswax

Savvy Salve

Savvy Salve
is an excellent all purpose healing salve rich with herbs that support skin and tissue repair.  Use on gardener hands to restore moisture & assist in healing any cuts, scars, bites, burns & bumps.  Unscented.

Ingredients: Comfrey leaf & root, White Willow bark, Lavender, Calendula, Thyme, Rosemary, Yarrow & Nettle infused Olive oil, & beeswax

Usnea Anti-Fungal Salve

Usnea Anti-Fungal Salve
is formulated with anti-fungal & antiseptic herbs and has been known to work miraculously on external skin funguses.  Great for athletes’ foot  & ringworm, one of our best sellers!    

Ingredients: Usnea, Rosemary, Calendula, Thyme, White Sage, Black Walnut hulls, & Myrrh powder infused Olive oil, Tea Tree essential oil & beeswax

arnica liniment
Super Salve Arnica Liniment

Arnica Liniment is deep penetrating and oil free. Arnica flower (Arnica montana, common name: Leopardsbane) provides soothing relief for muscle aches, pains and bruising. Increases circulation, fast acting. Our most popular product for pain relief!

Ingredients: Arnica flower extract, organic grain alcohol, pure mountain rain water, menthol, pure essential oils of wintergreen, camphor, cinnamon, cayenne, clove and ginger, glucose oxidase & enzyme lactoperoxidase

*** Since our blends are made from wildcrafted herbs and handspun in small batches, there will be color variations in batches; do not be concerned, this is perfectly normal and safe.